How to Keep Your Refrigerator in its Best Condition in Naples,Florida

How to Keep Your Refrigerator in its Best Condition in Naples,Florida

Every household in Naples should be grateful to the inventor of the refrigerator, for their lives would be much harder without them. As for most people, refrigerators are just taken for granted and the supposedly care from the heart that they should deserve is brushed away in the sidelines. 

Basically, refrigerators are vitally essential for they keep our food cold. In keeping your food refrigerated, your food would not rot and be spoiled. They also keep medicines cold, preventing it from contamination and spoilage which is very important to people’s health conditions.

Refrigerator systems may offer more a variety of practical benefits to every Naples household such as:

Significantly, every refrigerator unit should be cared for properly and maintained correctly to prevent unnecessary refrigeration repairs and problems from happening. The experts at Appliance Doctor, your Naples refrigerator repair company, shares some useful ideas on how you can maintain a good conditioning refrigerator in Naples, Florida: 

Idea No. 1: Checking the door seals is a must.

Once there is a loose seal, the cool air will seep out causing energy waste, which then causes your refrigerator to function heavily than usual. Beforehand, make sure the seals are free from food residue by cleaning it using a toothbrush with water and baking soda solution at the very least twice a year. 

In testing for the door’s sealing capacity, you can try the dollar-bill test. That is by attaching a dollar-bill on the door, half is inside and other on the outside. Once the bill slips easily, you might want to have it checked by a professional.

Idea No.2: Coils should be kept clean at all times.

The fridge will not function efficiently if the condenser coils are filled with dust. To check condenser coils, pull the machine from the wall that reveals coils on the back part, unplug the refrigerator, and then vacuum with the brush attachment. It is advisable to clean the coils at least twice a year. 

Idea No.3: Right temperature.

Set and maintain the fridge’s temperature on 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezer should be at 0 degrees (-18° C). It is recommendable to check its temperature periodically.

Idea No.4: Always keep the fridge full.

Refrigerators are designed to have “thermal mass”, or ‘lots of stuff’ to maintain low temperatures. You may use cool drinks and foods to absorb the warm air streaming whenever you open your fridge.

If you are a busy-body who does not use much the fridge or an eat-out type person and you have a big fridge, it is advisable to store a few jugs of water in there.

Idea No.5: Always be prepared.

Whenever power outage goes out, try to avoid using the fridge and always keep the door closed. If you can get the foods from the pantry, use it. A refrigerator’s unopened door can keep the food safe for four hours, while a full freezer can maintain its temperature at 48 hours, and half-full at 24 hours. 
For safety purposes, commonly most people pull out the plug of the refrigerator from the wall outlet to avoid sudden electrical surges that might haywire or damage the unit.

Last word of advice: Do not use knives, spoons, or any way to remove the ice. It will damage the walls of the refrigerator, but you can endanger yourself also. Use water in melting the ice, though it may take some time, it is a safer and more convenient way of removing the ice.   

Considering your refrigerator unit is functioning normally and in good condition, you can use these useful ideas to keep it from harm’s way and keeping it functional for more useful life years.

In case your refrigerator malfunctions, or shows indifferent signs of normalcy functions, do not hesitate to contact Appliance Doctor Inc., your refrigerator repair expert in Naples who has the experience, licensed and insured technicians out the same day to fix your refrigerator promptly.

We can repair anything from ice build-up to water leaking, to no cooling at all or loud, scary noises coming from your refrigerator. Or the refrigerator may not be running or cycling on and off at all. Refrigerator repair could be something like the shelves not being properly supported, or a door not closing properly.

No cooling at all is going to be a major issue with food spoilage potential, especially in Southwest Florida, which is one reason Appliance Doctor Inc. is committed to guaranteeing same day refrigerator repair service.

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